Management Initiatives

The work I've done professionally beyond scientific research.

Co-Lead of the NExSS Science Communications Working Group
The NExSS Science Communications Working Group is a volunteer-led group in charge of the science communication work of NExSS. They are responsible for the monthly Newsletters, the science nuggets about recent NExSS research, the social media pages, and even the content and structure of the NExSS website. 

We on SCWG believe that communicating our research and engaging others is a critical part of science. We are currently looking for people who want to gain experience writing about NExSS-related topics (exoplanets, heliophysics, astrobiology, geology, and planetary science) to both scientific and non-scientific audiences. All skill levels and backgrounds are welcomed. We are a collaborative, supportive group who constantly learns from each other. 

Please see the NExSS website for more information on what we do and some of our publications, including the NExSS Newsletters.
Founder and Lead of the Professional Advancement Workshop Series
PAWS is a program designed to teach you insights, tools, and actions for effectively navigating next steps of your career in academia or anywhere. The audience for these programs is early career researchers and anyone considering a career transition to learn about careers in academia, non-profits organizations, government, NASA management, national labs, and industry. These are approximately monthly 90 minute interactive seminars led by experts in their crafts and fields. PAWS is sponsored by NASA’s Astrobiology Program and open to anyone in one of the NASA Astrobiology Research Coordination Networks.

For more information and recordings of past PAWS events, as well as resources for career-seekers, please see the NExSS website.