Scientists are inherently storytellers, and people want to listen to stories. This is a collection of some stories I've told. Please see my CV for a complete list.

This is me on a hike in Sedona in April 2018. PC: Mel Flaherty
Guest on Spacepod
This is a podcast episode where I talked about the history of the Chicxulub Impactor, the interdisciplinary science that went into it, and the reason why the asteroid bolide hypothesis has held strong for 40+ years. The podcast host is Dr. Carrie Nugent.
Invited speaker to the Arizona Museum of Natural History quarterly meeting on January 13, 2020. I gave a talk called "The Exciting Life of Water: How a Familiar Chemical Changed the Solar System ." It was the last in-person meeting before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Subject Matter Expert for Facts Machine Podcast
These are the episodes I've consulted on for the Facts Machine podcast. I was even a guest on one episode where I talked the valuable role of water in the Solar System. Facts Machine is run by Emily Costa, Noah Guiberson, and Rob Frawley.