These are some of the things I do in my spare time to try to make society more equitable, fair, just, and diverse.

Elected Member of the SESE Graduate Council, 2015–2018
While a graduate student in the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State, I served on the SESE Graduate Student Council. My first year I was a graduate student liaison, my second year I was the recruitment chair, and my third and final year I was vice president. 

I co-wrote a letter on behalf of the graduate students to the septennial review committee that evaluated SESE. Because of these efforts, the review committee was able to name specific improvements for SESE to focus on to improve the graduate program, which included a 3% raise every academic year. I also led the analysis of and wrote the first report for the now-annual SESE Graduate Student Satisfaction Survey. The team presented it to the SESE Leadership Committee in September 2019. If anything, that report showed me how much I had left to learn, not only about statistical analyses, but of my own biases and limitations. That survey and report are now the baseline for all future work done to improve the SESE Grad program. Please contact me directly if you would like a copy of that report, as the data are sensitive.
This is me presenting to potential graduate students at the official SESE recruitment event in 2018 about the department and program as Vice President of the SESE Graduate Council
National Board member of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., 2016–Present
I have served as the Assistant Tribunal (2016–2018) and the National Treasurer (2018–present). Our sorority is based on five pillars: Friendship, Sisterhood, Community Service, Advancement of Women through Higher Education, and Multicultural Awareness. It is critical to our mission that we live by these pillars every day.
As Treasurer, I am responsible for invoicing chapters, collecting national dues, paying bills, reimbursing members, filing tax paperwork, building and managing the national budget, making decisions with the rest of the National Board, and helping our chapters and members succeed in every way. I am so grateful to the sorority for electing me to this position and I look forward to doing my best by them for years to come.
The Vice President of Membership, Ivy Sanchez-Tinoco, and me at the annual National Multicultural Greek Council meeting in June 2019. We were representing Delta Xi Phi.